If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident you must contact ICBC's Dial-a-Claim service as soon as possible at 1-800-910-4222.  However, do not be rushed into the first available appointment, seek medical treatment and legal advice before you meet with ICBC.

The best way to ensure we can protect your interests is to contact us as soon as you can.


Getting medical assistance early, and following through with treatment, are some of the most important things you can do after an accident both to ensure:

  • you have the best recovery possible; and
  • you get fairly compensated for your injuries.

We also recommend that you write about your recovery in a journal.


Once you have a good idea of what the long-term impact of an accident is going to be it is time to seek compensation.  There are many ways that personal injury matters are settled, from negotiations and mediation, to court.

It is our job to provide you with advice so you can decide on the best route to take and the best outcome for you.


We offer free initial consultations in all personal injury matters.

Most personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, this means that:

  • we receive a percentage of any settlement or award obtained in your case;
  • you are not paying us "up front"; and
  • we make the initial payments for costs associated with your file for example, obtaining medical reports.


Understanding what health care providers means can be challenging two excellent medical dictionaries are:

The Online Medical; and

Merck's Manuals.