Our job is to bring all the legal pieces of your purchase together, including:

  • making sure you understand the obligations your contract puts on you;
  • helping you determine what form of ownership you and your spouse,  or other owners, will have in your property;
  • reviewing the title of your property to see what is registered on it (for example, easements and rights of way);
  • making sure all the taxes and other costs are considered;
  • when you are getting a mortgage, making sure that your financial institutions requirements are met; and
  • ensuring you end up owning the property you want to own.


Our job is to ensure that:

  • you understand your obligations to your purchaser;
  • coordinate the transfer of your property to the purchaser;
  • pay-out any financial obligations registered on the property, including your mortgage, if you have any; and
  • make sure you get paid.


If you have arranged a mortgage with a new financial institution we assist with:

  • the registration of the new mortgage,
  • paying out your old mortgage, and
  • making sure your old mortgage gets removed from the title of your property.

Most purchases, sales and refinances are done for a flat-fee, contact us  for a quote.


We have years of experience assisting people with development related legal issues, from registering a flooding covenant to multi-lot development,.   Please contact Shawn Jones, shawn@jones-co.net to discuss development related matters.