A will sets out what you want to happen with your minor children and your property when you pass away.  It is an essential document, without one there will be a government mandated arbitrary division of your assets.  A properly planned will should also help avoid unnecessary stress and confusion for your family.  For most people we are able to help them draft their wills for a flat-fee.

Power of Attorney

 A power of attorney lets you give someone the power to act on your behalf on many financial matters.  An enduring power of attorney can be an excellent planning tool as it allows you to appoint someone to look after many of your financial affairs if you ever become incapacitated.

Representation Agreements

A representation agreement lets you set out who you want to make decisions about your:  finances, health care,  and living arrangements.   A representation agreement can be customized to suit your needs, for example a representation agreement can: 

-  set out when you want people to have the power to assist you; and

- divide responsibilities for making decisions on your behalf amongst a number of people.


Probating an estate involves  making sure that,  after someone passes away:   their will is followed,  legal requirements are met, and financial "loose ends" are looked after.  It can be a very involved process.  We offer a free initial consultation to discuss this process with you.


The Wills, Estates & Succession Act came into force on March 31, 2014. 

The Attorney General of British Columbia's site provides a starting point for questions about wills and estates.

Nidus is a charity that provides excellent basic information regarding Representation Agreements.

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